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Since opening our doors, Creative Translation Services Desk is developing and growing, mostly because of our exceptional team. We’re proud of our team’s abilities to contribute their unique experience and skills to our + their continuing success.


About us

​The first question that everyone asks!

Who are we? 
​We are duo of brothers that put our creative, dynamic, versatile, innovative, adaptive minds to build a team (continuing) of certified and qualified translators / linguists that are a part of our team. Not simply linguists that are there to do a job that you require, but a part of a growing multinational and multi-cultural team that works together to provide you with the best solutions and results you want / need / require for your business or industry. Day in and day out, that allows us together to excel at what we do best, grow, cultivate and to go where no man has gone before. Endeavor to give you what you want or collaborate with others to achieve this end .

How we got here and our objectives!
We began our careers in this industry as freelance Hebrew to English translators in 07/2013 working in the Legal, Medical, other major general domains. We researched and commenced to widen our area of work around the globe with various agencies or platforms. Diversifying to attain knowledge in the linguistics sphere.
​Today, we are a Languages Service Provider (LSP) that is scouring the planet for clients, like you, for us and our team to grow.
​Provide you with the committed, responsible and responsive service you deserve.
​Whether it is IT, Legal, Medical, Engineering, Aerospace, Aeronautics, etc. translations to fulfill and meet your requirements.
We are orientated to contribute to the needy and deserving upon reaching the targeted revenue or stature.

We have personally done numerous translation projects with a total source word count exceeding 4,000,000 words to date. 

Personal CV and experience for your perusal are available upon request for Hebrew projects and other languages.
We look forward to hearing back from you and working with you.

Deven and Arvind Sachdeva

How does your Company choose the correct Language Service Provider (LSP)? 
As with most domains, choosing the right LSP in the translation and localization sector can be tedious and difficult. At first glance, it seems like all LSPs’ offer the same services: many language combinations, high-quality work, fast project completion, and competitive pricing. But just like every other sector, they differ profusely when it comes to “doing what they say”.   

How do you achieve your goals? 
Have you identified your needs, requirements and goals? 
Since you are here, that is obvious. 

But, what are they in practice and does the LSP understand them? 
One must ask these questions and ensure the LSP does so before signing a contract!   

  • · How important is to market my Company in numerous languages? 

  • Is the content and domain expertise materially significant for the documents I need translated, e.g. legal, medical, or technical? 

  • How many languages do I need to translate into and which markets do I want to reach out to globally? 

  • How important is the content, context, syntax and consistency? Do I mind if my Company sounds different in different languages

  • What is my budget?   

Secondly, you need to decide if you are looking for one main provider or several providers.

Contracting small providers or freelancers' works well if your translation needs are minimal, e.g., you are only looking to get a few documents translated into a few languages. However, for anything larger, using one language service provider (LSP) has more benefits. 

How Do You Want to Spend Your Time and Money? 
Would you not prefer to focus your efforts on running your business so you can increase you profits or expand your business activities?
Working with one provider means you will only have one contact person (Your in house staff or ours), one platform and one project manager to monitor the progress of the multitude of languages you require. You will see the benefits in time utilized efficiently and the revenue almost immediately: 

  • You will not have to coordinate all the aspects of your project yourself, because most of the project management will take place online and shall be available to you at the click of a button to view the progress on the platform. 

  • The LSP will give you a clear picture and direct access to your project in this aspect. 

  • Predefined modes of communication will drastically reduce time wasted due to misunderstandings or lack thereof. 

  • You and your provider will optimize workflows as you continue to work together over the project lifespan or in the long run. 

The LSP will customize their procedures to work with yours. So instead of coordinating several smaller providers and working with their individual systems, you will save both time and money by developing one system that works for both of you. 

Do you want your Company to stand out? 

  • Is your vision for your Company to present its objectives in various languages? 

  • Is it your intent to have you Company name sound different in each language? 

  • Or would you like your Company to be unilaterally the same in multiple languages and cultures? 

  • Contracting a team of translators means your Company will likely mean something else in the other language (or the same in one language, if numerous translators are translating into one language). 

  • In addition to that, what are the resources and security available to ensure that these translators/linguists are qualified for the task? 

A reputable LSP vets the translators who are a part of its team, guaranteeing you high-quality work. A reputable LSP will maintain records of the translation terms memories pertaining to the project/s for your Company. In the end consistency will be maintained and will project the required. Today’s technology entertains working on the “CLOUD” (SDL TRADOS for example) to maintain the term memories under one roof. Continuing a relationship with one LSP means you’ll work with an entity that’ll learn how you work and your brand as well and will develop an in-depth understanding of your communication strategies. 

What do you achieve? 
You’ll have one UNIQUE international brand name, not a variety of fabricated names. 

To put it in a nutshell In the end, using 1 LSP means a higher ROI. You’ll save time, resources, cut down on costs (preferred rates on volumes) and you’ll be working with people who understand your Company. If the LSP (WE AND OUR TEAM) provides you the with the results you need to your achieve your objective,
then you’ve come to the right one. 




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