What are the services we offer

We are a well set-up LSP with our own Translation Management System (TMS)

Why should you consider selecting us to be your language provider?

For a few simple reasons:


  All translations are done by native speakers and are always proofread by another native speaking person, to ensure the quality 

     you need - all included in one price per word or document/s!

  We are your one stop shop for all the languages to fulfil your translation needs.

  Experienced translators that cooperate with us on a long term basis - all of them familiar with CAT tools or natural translations.

  Experienced, hardworking PM whereby each project assigned makes him responsible for the whole project, from assignment to

     delivery in an adequate given deadline and quality all through our TMS.

  24 hour availability - if you need us to translate, we are here and will respond during our working hours.

  Quick response to ensure swift delivery.

  Reputation - I have a very good personal reputation for timely delivery and am proud of it.




Contact: Deven Sachdeva               

Email: admin@translation-desk.com 

Tel. / WhatsApp: +91-98 711 57933

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