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The newly rebuilt CTSD website and the improved version with #translation #project posting and claim

Greetings from CTSD and I, Deven.

It has been a very very long time since I posted an article and for a good reason.

Firstly, we have attained ISO 9001:2015 as well as EGAC certification last year to ensure that we meet the quality standards under ISO and provide you with that service as well to give you a certified translation.

And, I have reprogrammed our website and finally completed it. We are further updating it to add APIs' to enable you to register directly on our TMS, request quotations, etc. In the interim, you may request for a quotation via our website to ensure that your project requirements are met prior to posting it.

Therefore, I am pleased to announce that we have I have added a #translation projects posting portal and also a claimable #translation projects tab in the website. All the projects will be managed through our TMS (Translation Management System) and with our team of delegated and vetted #translators. All the translators shall be registered on our TMS and we shall delegate the project according to your requirements as per the agreed T&C.

We invite you to work with us and make sure that your project is as per the acceptable market standards. The project shall be displayed to all the #translators and they shall be vetted by us prior to being accepted to work on your project.

We are constantly evolving and building our business to be compatible to all the changes that transpire daily in our field of business. No project is too big or small. All the team members are paid the fair market rates, for they are qualified and experienced in their individual domains of expertise. We shall #localize your projects and make sure that you get the best that is offered.

We also work in collaboration with a Company for all English content editing in all domains to ensure that the quality of the work presented is as per what you have presented in your source language/s. All the members in our associate's Company are qualified people in their respective fields and either hold an MBA or PHD.

We look forward to seeing you on our website and work on your respective projects.



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