Schedule of Requirements


Background: The Cities Alliance is a global partnership for urban poverty reduction and the promotion of the role of cities in sustainable development. Based in Brussels, the Secretariat is hosted by the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS). Cities Alliance is launching a new programme on Informality to build a coalition to globally overcome the political, knowledge and resource gaps for addressing informality of land, labour and citizenship at scale, on a permanent basis. 

These Terms of Reference are for the purpose of hiring a company for the provision of simultaneous interpretation and written translation services and revision of translated texts for the Cities Alliance Secretariat, including regional and country offices.


Duration: The Blanket Purchase Agreement will be for a period of 12 months from the date of signature of the agreement by both the parties.  Based on the results of this exercise, UNOPS intends to enter into a non-exclusive Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) with the successful Bidder for the provision of Interpretation and translation services for Cities Alliance Programmes for a maximum period of 12 months.

Call Off Mechanism and prices: Once the BPA is signed, if there is a specific requirements for Provision of venue hire Services package to Cities Alliance Liberia Country Programme in support of UNOPS Cities Alliance Programme operations, the UNOPS appointed focal person shall issue a release Purchase Order (PO) to the supplier. The PO will include details on the type and number items to be supplied and other practical details. The pricing will be based on prices in the BPA contract as quoted in this RFQ.

Contract Management/Service Level Agreement: The BPA supplier shall provide quarterly reports to the UNOPS focal point indicated in the BPA. UNOPS will regularly monitor the  performance of the BPA supplier, based on the following Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

·KPI 1: On-time delivery. Supplier shall deliver within maximum x working days after receipt of the PO.
·KPI 2: Completeness of the order. Supplier shall deliver goods or services as per specification/description/model included in the order and at the right quantity.
·KPI 3: Price Compliance. Supplier shall supply goods as per unit prices identified in the BPA.
·KPI 4: Accuracy of payment documentation. Supplier shall provide complete payment documentation including accurate invoices with correct quantities, unit price, order reference number, etc.


If the supplier fails to meet UNOPS’s performance requirements detailed above, it will receive in the first instance a warning to improve their performance. Continued failure to meet performance requirements may result on termination of the BPA.

Lot 01 - Simultaneous Interpretation

Various events will take place between September/ October 2020 and September/ October 2021, as follows:










































The above list is non exhaustive, some events can be added/cancelled in the future. All the meetings will be virtual, using Zoom facilities.

Interpreters are requested to connect at least 30 minutes before the start of the official meeting.  

All interpreters should have excellent command on the languages in both spoken and written

A rehearsal and technical rundown may be required 24 hours before a virtual meeting

Back-up / standby translators in case of illnesses or accidents must be readily available on call.

The duration of each meeting will depend on the specific needs of Cities Alliance and for the purpose of this contract it is required to identify the price per hour. Meetings are expected to be of a duration of 30 min or up to 6 hours, therefore the unit price per hour will be used to calculate the cost of each meeting (pro-rated) based on its duration and language combination, plus the Fixed and Other costs needed for one meeting

Quotations are expected for each language, the price should be per hour, in Eur or USD.











Minimum requirements for the supplier

· The bidder should have a minimum 3 years of general experience

· The bidder should have a minimum of 1 years in providing simultaneous interpretation services through a web platform for the requested languages and number of participants.

· The bidder should be able to provide the required services indicated in the Objectives

Lot 02 - Written translation

Accurate text translation from one of the above languages into another, containing restricted information for local and internal distribution.

Revision and proofreading: ensure full comparison of the original and translated texts, examine document’s overall coherence, and provide a final check of the text for typos, spelling, grammar, punctuation and spacing of the translation.

The provider should be able to review texts that have already been translated as well as to translate the following types of documents:

- Publications, reports, articles, interviews, papers and other documents related to the urban sector,   with the main focus - but not limited to – housing; slum upgrading; land; city wide planning/development; informal economy; migration; resilience & climate change; violence; gender; secondary and systems of cities & metropolitan governance; national urban policies.

- Templates, contracts, manuals, project proposals and other technical work documents.

- Presentations.

- Analytic papers and publications.

The works of translation and revision of texts must include:

- Production of content from the original document with 100% accuracy, including tables, graphics and infographics, data and numbers; guaranteeing that there are no omissions from the source;

- Translation and / or revision of all foot notes, citations, captions on photographs, lists etc;

- High level quality, guaranteeing that no typographical errors are left in the final text.

The contracted company should have ample experience in similar work to be verified through the company's portfolio.


Responsibilities of provider

The response time considered is a maximum of 48 hours from the moment the electronic files for translation and / or revision are sent for analysis by the company.

Whenever necessary, the provider must contact the local team of the Cities Alliance to clarify doubts in relation to the two documents that will be translated or reviewed.

The contracted must send the product for final approval and, when pertinent, make the necessary adjustments requested by the contractor.

In order to guarantee the performance of the service, to each requested work, the Cities Alliance must indicate a focal point, which in turn will be responsible for clarifying the doubts of the contracted whenever necessary.

The activities and products corresponding to this contract will be supervised and certified by the Cities Alliance Secretariat. The contract of the selected company will be executed by UNOPS, representing the Cities Alliance.

The provider must safeguard or intellectual interest of Cities Alliance and its members and must not disclose any confidential information.


Quotations are expected for each language, the price should be per page, in Eur or USD.






Minimum requirements for the supplier

· The bidder should have a minimum 3 years of general experience

· The bidder should have a minimum of 1 years in providing written translation services

· The bidder should be able to provide the required services indicated in the Objectives




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